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  Human Male Prostate Model

The cross-section of male genital organs in half life-size shows a healthy prostate with bladder, urethra, testicle, symphysis and rectum. The narrowing of urethra due to the change in the prostate is made clear through four cross-sectional views. All anatomical structures are painted in detail.


This model exhibits the various tisses and the scattered closed and collateral vascular bundles in transverseand lonitudinal section. The large pitted vessels, spiral and annular vessels show the cell wall thickeninges in L.S. Very useful model for teaching the anatomy of monocot stem.

Mounted on base with key card 500 X 105 X 350 mm.


Showing complete details of the primary structure of the stem of Sunflower on board 350 X 250 X 50 mm.


A highly manified 3-dimensional model of the Sunflower stem, showing clearly in T.S. & L.S. the different tissues, mounted on an upright wooden base, 450 X 150 X 350 mm.


Showing complete internal details of the root of smilax, mounted on board. Dimensions overall 330 X 250 X 65 mm.


Showing complete internal anatomy of the young dicotyledonus root, mounted onboard. Dimensions overall 330 X 255 X 65 mm.


This model demonstrates  generall arrangement of tissues root is cut transversely longitudinally, to make the structural details more clear and the formation of various tissues easily understandable. Mounted on stand with key card.

Dimension overall 200 X 200 X 500mm.


Dissectable into 3 parts mounted on base.

Dimensions overall 165 X 155 X 310 mm.

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